Window Cleaning Las Vegas

Window Cleaning Las Vegas

Window Cleaning Vegas are a Las Vegas based company and since our inception, we have come to learn a few things regarding all aspects of window washing and specialist glass cleaning services, these range from small residential homes up to corporate buildings. We also incorporate many specialist cleaning services which can include solar panels.


    Our Expertise.

    Many buildings have windows that are placed in difficult locations and can be difficult to reach. We have many professional tools, machinery, and techniques which allow us to reach and clean these windows exactly the same as a window which is located at ground level.

    Our window washing crews are highly experienced when working at height, so from a second-floor residential home and using a ladder, to hanging from the side of a hi-rise is no different to them. All safety procedures are followed and adhered to no matter if they are 3ft from the ground or 300ft up in the air.

    “My store never looked as nice as the one next door. I soon changed to the same company when I found I had windows that never sparkled. Now Window Cleaning Vegas cleans the whole strip.”

    – T Bennet

    Window Cleaning Services Affordability

    Window Cleaning Vegas are fully aware of how often windows and glass surfaces require cleaning and have prepared these in affordable packages that can meet any budget. Although all of our Window Cleaning Services are very affordable, there is no compromise on the quality of the service. We aim for customer satisfaction and being affordable is the first step on this route.


    Commercial Window Cleaning

    This type of cleaning can leave many an impression on a business and its customers, and by having dirty windows, the impression which is left would not be a favorable one. Not only can this be high rise window cleaning which will make your building stand out on the skyline, it can be something as simple as your store front window where customers are looking for their next purchase. Either way, a great impression is better than a bad impression, and it is this great impression we can help you with, no matter how small or large your operation, we will leave you looking sparkling clean and streak free.

    Window Cleaning Vegas know how much curb appeal a property or building can have when it has had professional windows washing and the windows are gleaming, there is with this type of window washing service a secondary benefit, this being natural daylight, which can flood into your building, and in the case of high-rise buildings, there will be many employees who feel the benefit. No longer with they rely on tubes or bulb to provide all the light, mother nature can provide more than enough which can make your employees feel more comfortable.

    Our Results

    Our portfolio of clients is a testament to our success, we have many clients who do in fact range from homes to commercial high rise and utilize our services on a regular basis. We also believe in providing the very best equipment and eco-friendly chemicals which allow our cleaning crews to obtain superior results without any damage to your property, home or the environment.

    We also provide complete flexibility which allows us to fit around your schedule rather than you, or your business to cater to us. So, no matter what business hours you keep, we have staff on hand who can provide a punctual service, no matter if it is same day or a regular next day service.

    We also hold safety as a top priority along with customer service, and to give you peace of mind we come fully certified, licensed and insured, and our staff has been trained in all manner of areas that are concerned with safety and material or machinery use to obtain the best results you could wish for.


    Window Cleaning Services

    We continually set ourselves high standards and the results you can see from our operatives will leave you in no doubt, these high standards have been met, if not exceeded. By doing this, our quality of all of our window washing services has allowed us to extend this level of expertise back to our local community.

    As standard with our services, these can be summarized by the following:

    • Integrity, honesty, and transparency
    • Highly professional, and friendly customer service
    • Superior results
    • Prompt, Polite and efficient.
    • All work areas cleaned before the job is considered finished.

    Our professional staff are also proud on their operations and one of the biggest compliments they can receive is when the only way you can tell if they have paid a visit is by how your windows or glass surfaces look, and there are no signs in any of their work areas, that they were in fact there.


    As well as these benefits, our services can cover the following:

    • Skylight Cleaning
    • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
    • Glass light fixtures and fittings
    • Chandeliers
    • All mirrors and glass surfaces

    As you can see, we provide a wide range of services and can cater for buildings and windows of any size. we look behind the glass to ensure we provide a picture-perfect view no matter if you are in looking out, or out looking in, you will have the cleanest possible windows you could imagine.

    Many companies would focus on either residential or commercial window cleaning services, yet we at Window Cleaning Vegas view each side of the business as an equal, it is true that some of the equipment and the techniques may be different, yet the focus from our employees in performing their duties is exactly the same and the same attention to detail if followed, no matter who the customer may be.

    We have never rested on our laurels and have always continued to expand our services as you can see from the inclusion of our chandelier and solar panel cleaning packages that we perform as part of our comprehensive window cleaning services packages.

    By encompassing all these services under one roof we can be a one-stop-shop for all of you window cleaning services and any specialized glass cleaning services you may require.

    We always offer free quotes which are no obligation and you will find our services always exceed your window washing expectations.

    “Our small motel had a major remodel. Builders had left paint and all sorts on our windows. Thank you to all the guys at Window Cleaning Vegas. Clean windows and no damage to the frames.”

    – R Moore

    Residential Window Cleaning

    No matter what you wish to contact us for, we have experts on hand who are available in the Las Vegas area to take your call regarding any of the services we provide.

    You can easily contact us by our online form, (link to contact form) and one of our representatives will reply with a response immediately, or you can call directly at 702-825-6726 to speak to our friendly professionals regarding any of our residential window cleaning services or window cleaning service plans at your convenience.

    Cleaning your home windows can see like an easy job yet it can be quite a time-consuming task especially when you start to consider the upstairs windows. Even if you have the time, there are also the window frames and all the dirt to consider that must be cleaned to get your windows looking perfect.

    Our professional cleaners perform all this as standard and can complete it in a fraction of the time that you could perform the same actions, not only this they have a trained eye and will be able to spot any imperfections in their cleaning much easier so as to achieve much better results on a regular basis.

    If you do clean your own windows you also have to consider the internal windows which in most cases, you have to find yourself not wanting to do after you have completed the external parts. Our fully vetted cleaners will have completed both inside and outside panes of glass before this thought would ever enter their mind. And in the process, they will have provided sparkling results and also cleaned all the frames and cleared and cleaned all the working areas where they have performed their window washing duties.


    Our range of residential window cleaning services can include:

    • Personalized Estimates – FREE
    • Next day or same day service available
    • Rain Guarantee
    • All glass surfaces professional cleaned as required.
    • All abnormal deposits cleaned from your windows or glass surfaces
    • All window tracks and ledges cleaned and cleared of bugs and dirt.
    • The best eco-friendly chemicals used to protect your windows, home, and family.
    • A wide range of schedules available which will work around your schedule and not ours.

    Window Cleaning Vegas Personal Guarantee

    Once we have completed any of our window cleaning services and for any reason, you find you are not happy or satisfied, it is a simple case of contacting us and letting us know and we will rectify the matter as soon as possible.

    We pride ourselves on being able to complete the job correctly the first time and have many procedures and quality control measures in place which allow us to reach the premium results we expect from ourselves.

    We also provide staff who have been fully backgrounding checked, and are responsible for their working actions, and are aware of their surroundings so as to take every possible precaution to prevent any dirt transfer or damage. For them each and every job they treat as if it was their own property and are full respectful that it may be your home or business location where they are working.


    Contact Us

    No matter what you wish to contact us for, we have experts on hand who are available in the Las Vegas area to take your call regarding any of the services we provide.

    You can easily contact us by our online form and one of our representatives will reply with a response immediately, or you can call directly on 702-825-6726  to speak to our friendly professionals regarding any of our residential window cleaning services or window cleaning service plans at your convenience.