Can I Clean My Solar Panels in Las Vegas?

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas Nv

Solar panels take a hefty investment in the hope of reducing your bills. To make sure you realize all rewards, you do need to take care of them and maintain their cleanliness.

It has been shown you can drop a quarter of their performance when they are dirty. In this region, this comes from the accumulation of dust and possibly bird droppings. It may appear an easy task to accomplish, but it can be so easy to damage solar panels if you are not experienced in cleaning them.

One wrong move, and you can damage a solar panel even more, and then you are faced with a repair bill you need to find. Anyone who doesn’t know may think a quick swill of water is enough.

 Nevertheless, you can ask, “Can I clean my solar panels in Las Vegas?” Read on, and you will see why it is better to let professionals clean your solar panels, no matter how confident you feel.

Professionals Clean Solar Panels in Just Three Steps

A professional window washing company understand solar panel construction and the types of materials they use. To be sure, they clean without damaging them; they follow an industry set procedure. In itself, this is nothing drastic, though it does make the window washers deliver the best cleaning without any damage or loss of performance.

They will rinse the solar panels with pure water, so all the surface dust goes without scratching.

They will gently scrub each panel employing a pro-grade panel wash, which is developed for high-efficiency spot cleaning for the majority of solar panels. There will be no oxidization or damage to the aluminum components or mounting fixtures.

It is here any dust, pollen, or bird droppings are gently removed. To make sure there is no final residue, and to be confident, there will be no streaks from hard-water. There is the last wash with clean water. This finals rinse prevents water deposits from causing marks, and thus reducing performance.

What is the Frequency for Solar Panel Cleaning in Las Vegas?

It can be a personal matter, but also the region needs consideration. If your home or business is in a high dust area, they may require more cleaning than others which don’t face the same hazards.

You can set a schedule with your solar panel cleaning professional in Las Vegas, and this way, you will know you are always ahead, and your electricity bills will reflect this.

Generally, the recommendation will be twice per year, though you can increase this to three or four times if you think it is justified.

Las Vegas Home Solar Panel Cleaners

 Another thing you need to consider if you contemplate cleaning your panels yourself. Where are they located? Most sit on the roof of your home. If this is the case, you need to use ladders, extra-long hoses, and possibly extending brushes.

It’s no fun using any of these while up a ladder, and that is without you hurting yourself or damaging your panels or your home.

Insurance companies may not be willing to pay out if you damage anything on your panels, so avoid the risk and contact the number one solar panel cleaning company Window Cleaning Vegas. They have teams who do this all around the region and are careful at what they do. You will have peak performance, and there is no way you will be footing the bill if anything goes wrong.