Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Vegas is a company to be reckoned with when it comes to commercial window cleaning, we fully understand not just windows, but glass also. Your Commercial Window Cleaning can include areas in which you never gave a second thought and can include:

  • Exterior Window cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Shop Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Skylights
  • Chandeliers

As you can see, Commercial Window Cleaning can, and often does include many different types of glass rather than just a plain old window.


These types of cleaning can also lead you to just think of Offices and Shops which require Commercial Window Cleaning on a regular basis, yet, there are many more locations that can benefit from this type of window cleaning such as:

  • Hotels
  • Strip Malls
  • Retail Storefronts and Internal Glass Partitions and displays
  • Hi-Rise Window Cleaning
  • Industrial Business Window cleaning
  • Office Window Cleaning
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“Not all window cleaners are the same. Our strip tenants were losing customers. Window Cleaning Vegas took one look and made our stores gleam without streaks. Their commercial window cleaning services were more than affordable.”

– A Carter (Las Vegas NV)

Window Cleaning Vegas Services

All of these areas and locations can benefit from Commercial Window Cleaning, and we as a company can be the ideal solution that will far exceed your expectations.

When you are needing commercial window cleaning, you want a company who is professional, meticulous and can provide a service which is quick, efficient and will fit well within the budget you have set yourself.

We as a company have been providing these services to many happy clients in our expanding portfolio, and these range from small family businesses to the largest corporations which are scattered around the region.

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Our Commercial Window Cleaning Service

We work closely with all of our clients so we can come to fully understand not just your requirement, but also the requirements for your premises. To allow us, to totally offer the best services for your needs, we offer a range of service schedules which allow us to be flexible and can have your glass and windows sparkling clean with the minimum amount of disruption to you daily operations.

  • Our service schedules include:
  • daily, weekly, bi-weekly
  • monthly, quarterly and yearly.

You can see our commercial wind cleaning services provide you with a solution, which is hassle free to yourself, and is the ideal way for you to ensure you have windows which have been thoroughly cleaned all year round.


Services Included.

  • Free personalized commercial cleaning estimate
  • Highly skilled and professional Commercial Window washing teams
  • Next day or same day service
  • All glass types covered
  • Professional equipment and techniques used
  • Cleaning of all window frames and ledges
  • Soil and dirt removal from ledges and window tracks
  • Windows left free from abnormal deposits and left streak free
  • Green cleaning chemicals used to protect your windows, employees and the environment
  • Any schedule possible, we aim to be flexible.
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Our Commitment

Window Cleaning Vegas is dedicated to providing the ultimate commercial cleaning service and also residential cleaning you could experience, and have experts on hand who are more than happy to hear from you regarding any queries you have or if you wish to obtain an estimate or schedule any commercial window cleaning service.

You can simply contact us by our online form, (link to contact form) or directly on 702-825-6726 to speak to our experts regarding any of our window cleaning services or window cleaning service plans.