Did Your Las Vegas Window Washer Do Your Window Screens?

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Are you proud of your brilliant, clear, clean windows? You may be looking out your windows, and they may not look as clean as you expected. You should ask a simple question yourself. “Did your Las Vegas window cleaner do your window screens?”

It makes all the difference to the curb appeal, which usually comes from clean windows. However, during this time of year, you may wonder less about your window panes and more about your screens.

What about Window Screens?

Window screens perform some valid functions; they let you open your windows for a gust of fresh air and maybe a warm breeze and not have to worry about the pests entering your home.

During the winter months, your windows tend to be closed. Removing window screens during the winter can be beneficial because:

  • It gives your local window cleaning company a chance to clean the screens. Be serious; you may have clean windows, now what about those screens? The screens gather dirt, insects and grime and must be regularly cleaned. Moving them during the winter provides a few months to ensure that the screens are good and clean in time for the spring.
  • It allows for more light because the screens block about 30 percent of the sunlight? This may be keeping your house cooler than you want it to be. Removing screens from your windows in the winter can reduce your energy bill.
  • The winter is tough on screens. When temperatures drop and, this can cause window screens to warp and fall out. Preserve your window screens by giving them a rest in the winter.
  • Your windows will be clearer! As long as you don’t open your windows, you can keep your windows as clear and clean as possible.

Best Window Cleaning Firm in Las Vegas

Over the years, you can build up quite a relationship with your window washer. Such is the trust in these; many homeowners are not at home while their windows are being washed. To make sure you can have the cleanest windows, and have your screens removed, cleaned and cared for at the same time. Contact Window Cleaning Vegas, as they will assure you have the cleanest windows, screens and your home is safe at all times.