Do I Need Post Construction Window Cleaning in Las Vegas?

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One of the hardest tasks anyone can face is cleaning windows after home renovations, or any new construction. It is nothing like cleaning windows throughout the year. There is the need to remove construction dust, adhesives on stickers, silicone and possibly paint.

Many individuals will make mistakes here and should never use regular cleaning tools or techniques when cleaning post-construction windows. It is easy to damage the glass or frames. So, many ask, “Do I need post construction window cleaning in Las Vegas?”

What is Las Vegas Post Construction Cleaning?

Once you begin tackling windows after construction, you quickly learn what it is all about. There are thick layers of dust from concrete, drywall or woodcutting. One thing many people forget is this isn’t only outside, and both sides of the window need the same professional results.

When conduction post construction window washing, there can be a need for many items to make the job more professional:

  • Heavy-duty wet and dry vacuums.
  • Glass scrapers – many of these are sharp like razor blades to cut under paint droplets.
  • Steel wool – It may sound contradictory to use steel wool on glass, yet ‘0000’ grade won’t scratch glass.
  • Sticker residue remover
  • Acids to break down stucco or concrete
  • Regular squeegees, sponges and rags.
  • Ladders

Process for Cleaning Post Construction Windows

Rather than washing windows immediately, there are some different steps, which need the following.

  1. Vacuum all around the inside of the interior window frames to remove as much as the loose debris. Even the glass needs vacuuming to pull away most of the loose dust. A vacuum nozzle shouldn’t ever touch the glass, and never use a brush attachment.
  2. Using the glass scraper, gently apply the blade on droplets. Blades need holding at an angle so it slides under the stubborn stuck-on blob.
  3. Silicone can be a real pain and can leave spots that always cause streaks. Using the steel wool on these can be enough to remove the last traces of the oils in this material.

Once window washers in Las Vegas are at this stage, they are almost ready to commence with how they clean windows regularly.

Finding the Best Construction Window Washer in Las Vegas

There are tons of window cleaning firms around, but not all will want to take on this kind of work. It is more time consuming, and they may not wish to invest in the specialist equipment needed. If you are moving into a newly built home, you are a developer, who needs a reliable window-cleaning firm, or you have had new windows installed on your current home. Be sure to contact Window Cleaning Vegas, they are well versed in all aspects of post construction window cleaning and never shy away from a job, no matter how large or small it may be.