Do I Need Professionals to Clean My Las Vegas Solar Panels?

Window Cleaning Solar Panels In Las Vegas NV

You have made a significant investment in solar panels. However, to make sure you are reaping all the benefits they offer, you need to keep them clean.

You can lose 25% of their efficiency once they begin to get dirty and covered in dust. What appears simple can be a hard job to accomplish because it can be easy to damage a solar panel and thus reduce their efficiency even more.

Many homeowners may think it is only a matter of swilling them with water. Nevertheless, they can quickly be asking, “Do I need professionals to clean my Las Vegas solar panels?”

Carry on reading, and you can see how to care for your investment, and that may include not touching your solar panels.

What is the Window Washers 3-Step Solar Cleaning Process?

Professional window washers understand the intricacies of cleaning solar panels, and with that, they follow industry-standard principles that lead to the best cleaning possible with little chance of damage.

  1. Solar Panels are first rinsed with clean water to remove all the surface dust.
  2. Each of the panels will be individually scrubbed by using professional-grade solar panel wash that is   formulated to carry out spot-free cleaning on all makes and types of solar panels. This won’t oxidize or affect the aluminum rails and mounting fixtures. It is in this phase all remaining dust bird droppings, pollen and any other stubborn matter will be removed.
  3. To remove residue, the solar panels are given a last rinse with clear water to make sure they are free from streaks and water spots.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?

There is no strict cleaning interval for solar panels, and a lot will depend on how dirty they become. In Las Vegas, you may need a professional window washer to come around more often if you live in a dusty area.

Other forms of dirt my not build up as much, but as soon as you have abrasive sand covering your panels, this will block out much of the light, and you lose your efficiency.

For regular cleaning, manufacturers recommend every six months in between cleaning.

Best Las Vegas Solar Panel Cleaners for My Home

Depending on where your solar panels are located, it may mean the only access is from the roof and via a ladder. Doing this yourself can be hazardous when carrying buckets or hoses to wash your panels.

It is far safer to preserve your investment and enlist the best solar panel washers like Window Cleaning Vegas. No matter the size of panels, or where they are, the skilled window washers can clean these effectively and safely. The last thing you want is to either fall off the ladder or break the glass on one of your valuable panels.