High Rise Window Cleaning Las Vegas

Window Cleaning High Rise Las Vegas Nv


If you find yourself driving around the strip and you see window cleaners perched half-way up or half-way down an office, hotel or casino building there is a good chance they could be a team of our highly skilled high-rise windows cleaners.


Ultra High Standards

Our Standards are as high as the windows we clean as high rise window cleaning Las Vegas has much more than cleaning windows at stake. Health and safety come before a single mop or rag is placed in any bucket.


Passersby can be the most prone to accidents when window cleaners are working away high above a walkway. Any item no matter how small can have severe consequences if it happens to hit a person at floor level. This would have an adverse effect on any customers business as well as the reputation of Window Cleaning Las Vegas.



No Job Too Big or Too High

All of our window cleaning teams are highly trained and highly skilled when it comes to window cleaning at heights. We have for over 20 years worked at these levels so you might or might not have noticed our workers doing their jobs way above your head.

No matter what height of building or layout of windows. Our technicians have the best techniques and the best equipment to make sure they are able to reach and clean any window to the highest level possible.


Other Areas of High-Rise Window Cleaning

Other areas are in need of specialist high-rise window cleaning rather than being stuck up the side of a tall building. Skylights or glass atrium’s are generally positioned well above ground level and offer many other glass cleaning difficulties.

Glass Roofs and Hard Water Stains

When cleaning glass atrium’s or glass roofs our skilled hi-rise window cleaners are often faced with hard water marks on glass panes. This can build if the roof is quite flat and water has the chance to stand rather than being able to run quickly from the roof.


This hard-watermarking can be challenging to remove. Our highly skilled window cleaners use the best chemicals to remove these calcium deposits without any chance of scratching the glass surface or affecting any seal around the edge of a glass pane where this buildup has occurred.


All of our workers and the support staff at Window Cleaning Las Vegas bring many, many years’ experiences when cleaning any hi-rise glass. It can be the side of a building or a glass roof, and in some other cases, it can be solar panel cleaning that is required.


All have different requirements,and all are cleaned in the same efficient and respectful manner that our window cleaners observe.