Las Vegas with Children

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We all know Las Vegas is a big kid’s playground, yet where do you go if you do happen to have children tagging along?

There is more than enough for children of all ages to see and do, even the big kid in ourselves will enjoy some of these attractions.


Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings is a great show, and it has a little bit of everything. Legends of King Arthur and Excalibur it is a real treat, and they manage to include pretty much everything. Fights of bravery and jousting; to a three-course meal that has to be eaten in the proper way: by hand.

The kids get to learn a little about history while watching all of the shows while having plenty of fun In the process. You have an option of buying tickets without the meal, but getting stuck in with your hands and fingers is half the fun.

After that there are plenty of pyrotechnics and live animals in the show so it will keep anyone entertained for a while.


Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

This comes in at the other end of the scale and is more suited to the animal lovers and the smaller children. With plenty of animals in the show, and currently at 10 dogs and 15 cats that is quite a bit of fur travelling around Las Vegas.

His animals do all the regular tricks we wish our pets can do, from puppies pushing scooters and cats that are able to shimmy their way across parallel bars. The show is not all about the animals, there are clowns and jugglers thrown into the mix and there are two new additions. A goat and a miniature horse; I wonder what they can do?


The Avenger’s S.T.A.T.I.O.N

This is one for the big kids, and the little ones of course, who doesn’t love the Avengers. Through interactive mini games and exhibits, everyone is encouraged to join in and save the world (again).

You follow an app on a device that is available, this is your command center, follow this and complete your tasks, as the app shows you your progress around the station.

Once you’re all done, I’m sure there is somewhere you can purchase Marvel gifts, maybe a coffee mug would be a good reminder.




Who loves competition between the kids and adults? You get that here by the bucket load. There are no end of interactive pursuits that will keep kids happy for hours.  From the hundreds of arcade type games to the classics of skee ball, pinball among many others. There are even games that dish out tickets to the winning kids who can exchange these for prizes once you are all finished.

You can quite easily loose a few hours to half a day in Gameworks in the Town Square Las Vegas, yet the kids might just want to stay that little bit longer.


Indoor Skydiving

If your kids are already adrenalin junkies, this will be right up their street. If the thought of jumping from a plane thrills you, yet it is a little risky, this is more than ideal. Climb into your skydiving suit and wait your turn. Once you have attended a quick briefing you are off to enjoy the thrill of sky diving under the instruction of your qualified instructor.

It may not be suitable for the smaller kids, who would want to see them fly out the top of the building? For the slightly larger child (40lbs) it is a great way for them to think they are superman for a while.


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