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It is true that clean windows send your homes curb appeal shooting through the roof, yet there is much more to window cleaning in Las Vegas than meets the eye. Over time your windows or homes solar panels can become covered with a fine layer of dust that is invisible to the naked eye. In the case of windows, this can be both on the inside and outside. In the case of solar panels, you can lose half of their efficiency,so those electric bills are going to start increasing.


Best Window Cleaning by Window Cleaning Vegas

Over the years we have helped thousands of homeowners to see the light so to speak. We have not only exceeded their expectations we have shown them the difference where regular, affordable window cleaning will really make the difference.

Our highly skilled window cleaning crews have all the latest equipment and techniques that will clean your windows to such an extent you will think they are new. No streaks or greasy residue is left which can attract the Las Vegas dust.


Full Range of Professional Window Cleaning Services

Our Skilled operatives clean much more than windows. Solar panels are one of the main differences. They are fully experienced in giving the utmost attention to detail and care for solar panels to make sure your system runs at peak efficiency.

Window screens are another area that many window cleaning companies miss or choose to forget. These attract and hang onto dust. You might have clean glass, yet once your screens become dirty, the appearance is negated. We can remove your screens and clean them and make them appear as if they have just been installed.

If your screens are in perfect condition and not damaged our professionals follow a simple cleaning process:

  • Remove yourscreenssensibly
  • Vacuum loose dust and dirt particles
  • Clean your screen with eco-friendly chemicals
  • Re-fit yourscreens back to the windows


Customer Service Commitment

All of our staff are committed to giving you and your home the best service and treatment. The satisfaction you will find comes as standard when you choose Window Cleaning Vegas as your choice of professional window cleaning company in Las Vegas.

For the ultimate in protection as a company and our operatives, we are fully insured and bonded,so you are safe in the knowledge any unforeseen circumstances will be cared for in the best possible way. Residential Window Cleaning Las Vegas can be as easy as giving us one quick call,so our experts can give your home a full walk-around and we can give you a detailed report of what needs cleaning and what the affordable rates we present will be.