Screen Replacement and Cleaning

Window Cleaning Vegas fully understands the needs for regular window washing and window cleaning services, yet there is one thing that many companies overlook, the simple window screen. These can literally make or break the appearance of your windows.

Screen Replacement and Cleaning can actually be more crucial than simple window washing as the mesh will become filled with dirt and dust particles which become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

If these are not cleaned on a regular basis, this build up starts to show against your sparkling windows and just ruins the clean look you have spent hard earned money on.

“The neighbor’s kids love soccer. My screens hate soccer balls. A quick call to Window Cleaning Vegas with their Window screen cleaning & repair package. I was cleaned and all sealed up in a flash.”

Mary M (Las Vegas NV)

Our Screen Replacement and Cleaning

Window Cleaning Vegas has cleaning crews who are fully experienced in Screen Replacement and Cleaning to the best possible condition. they currently use the best eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals to remove these built-up deposits from your window screens.

Secondly, to this, the mesh on these screens is very fine and if it becomes scratched or dented, this becomes obtrusive and the only way to remove it is by replacing the screen altogether.

Our experts are highly skilled in replacing these screens and once completed, you would not even be aware they are in front of your windows.

Unless the screens are damaged we follow a simple cleaning process for all screens, no matter if they are for residential or commercial:

  • Remove the screens carefully
  • Vacuum any loose dust or dirt particles
  • Clean them with eco-friendly chemicals
  • Re-install the frames back to the windows.

Our Customer Service Commitment

We are committed to providing the ultimate customer satisfaction and all of our teams are skillful and certified in all aspects of our operations from Screen Replacement and Cleaning, to any glass cleaning service, be it window washing to chandelier and skylight cleaning.

As a company, we are fully insured and all operatives are trained so you have the safe knowledge, any cleaning service which we perform is being conducted safely and reliably around your property or building.

Window Cleaning Vegas is dedicated to providing the ultimate Solar Panel Cleaning service you could experience, and have experts on hand who are more than happy to hear from you regarding any queries you have, or if you wish to obtain a FREE estimate, or schedule any of the services we provide.

As with all of our other services we are fully flexible and offer affordable rates. We work around your schedule and will never expect you to give a time for Screen Replacement and Cleaning if it is not suitable for you. you will find all of our staff are reliable, prompt, on time, courteous and will respect your home as if it was their own. They will also clean any work areas and the only way your will know they have visited is by your screen replacement and cleaning has been done beyond your expectations and your windows are sparkling clean and streak free.


You can simply contact us by our online form, (link to contact form) or directly on 123-456-789 to speak to our experts regarding any of our Screen Replacement and Cleaning, window washing services or window washing service plans.