Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas

Window Cleaning Solar Panels In Las Vegas NV

Solar panels are a great way to save money on electricity without harming the atmosphere. Through using the power of the sun, they can give many homes free electricity. They do have a few quibbles that need to be addressed.


Effective Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Window Cleaning Vegas have been around since the first few solar panels were installed in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions. It was not long before we heard of underperforming solar panels.

We quickly found that a solar panel is only fully effective if it is thoroughly clean, and as soon as any dirty builds up on your panels the efficiency reduces and you’re solar panels become less productive.

What Dirties Solar Panels?

There are a good many things that can dirty Las Vegas installed solar panels. Each of which effects how much sunlight can get through to the internal crystals that absorb the sun’s rays.

Things that can affect your solar panels are as follows:

  • Pollen
  • Road grime
  • Dust
  • Hard Water Stains
  • Leaves

These are not the only items, yet they are ones that you wouldn’t generally notice just by looking from the ground. These build ups can reduce you’re panel efficiency by up to 40% which is almost half.

Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals

There are many homeowners who think they are able to wash their solar panels themselves. In theory this is true yet there is one reason why it is best to call a professional solar panel cleaning company to make sure the job is done correctly.

Solar panels have a special coating which protects the surface. If this becomes damaged it might not be a case of having the surface repaired. It could lead to a new surface all together.


Window Cleaning Vegas Solar Power Performance

Our highly skilled solar panel cleaning teams have helped many homes and businesses to retain peak efficiency from their panels. When our teams undertake a Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas job they don’t just rely on water to perform the job. This in itself causes water streaks which block the sun’s rays.

Our dedicated solar panel cleaning crews make sure the surface of your solar panels is clear of any particles that could damage the surface before they consider cleaning. One small speck of dust caught under a cleaning brush could scour the surface from one side to the other.

Our Solar Panel Guarantee and Commitment

As with all of our Las Vegas window washing or window cleaning services, we make sure only the best chemicals are used that are right for the job, and solar panels require one that won’t harm the surface. We then use deionized water to hive you’re panels a final rinse and leave them streak and spot free to make sure you are gaining 100% efficiency.

We also make sure as a professional company in Las Vegas NV, we are fully bonded and insured should the worst ever happen. Our professionals also make sure they follow strict health and safety codes while working at height and that the whole area is spotless before they consider the job complete.