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This is one ship in the desert you will never forget. The historical Titanic which was unsinkable and how unthinkable it was when it sank. The whole exhibit covers a whopping 25,000 square feet and is home to many artifacts from the original Titanic. Luggage, whistles and floor tiles from the smoking room.

If the artifacts are not enough, how about a piece of the hull itself, and a recreated full-scale model of the central staircase and the outer promenade that has the chilly temperatures of the April night when the ship met its doom.

If you do not know the full story of the Titanic as you enter the exhibition, you will know it all by the time you leave. The recovered items in the exhibit come from 2.5 miles below the surface of the North Atlantic. The full story will unfold before your eyes, from the ship’s construction to the night it hit an iceberg and slowly sank to its watery grave.

You can see how regal the ship was by a walk through a recreated first and third-class rooms with furnishings being made by the original manufacturers.

The haunting reality will hit you as you see all that is left from the once gigantic cruise liner that was brought to its knees by Mother Nature.



Not far from the Titanic exhibit is the real bodies, and luckily, none of these are from the Titanic. Here there are 13 preserved human bodies and over 260 organs and body parts. These have been dissected and preserved through a highly innovative process that leaves you standing in awe at the detail.

Now for the first time, you can see the intricacies of the human body up close. From inside the skull to the delicate muscles, lungs and the vein systems, they are all detailed far beyond what you can imagine.

If you have ever wondered what happens to organs by overeating and lack of exercise, this is the place that can get you on a diet and fitness regime quicker than anything. A healthy lifestyle choice will be on the cards as soon as you have finished your vacation.

If that is not enough to turn your stomach, the smokers amongst us have not been left out. A healthy lung sits next to a blackened smoker’s lung that gives a comparison which is more powerful than any photo or TV advert.

Combine the two exhibits, and you have enough for a day out in Las Vegas, just make sure you have your lunch at the right time before visiting the bodies’ exhibition.

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