Top 5 Natural Wonders Within Reach of Las Vegas NV

The Bellagio Fountains In Las Vegas NV


Natural wonders in Las Vegas, it just doesn’t seem right with all the casinos and all the slots. Sin City has something of value to all the nature buffs in the world?

It might just be a message to us all. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” yet when you get away from the hustle and bustle and then you get to know again that there are 24 hours in a day compared to no windows and no clocks.

There’s a big world out there and it just so happens that Las Vegas is close to some of the most remarkable natural wonders you could ever see.

In No particular order, here we go:


The Grand Canyon

It’s “One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World” for a good reason, and it might be a few hours drive from Las Vegas, yet couple it up with a far speedier form of travel, and you can see the Canyon in all its glory. It isn’t the closest, yet it has to be on anyone’s list of natural wonders to behold.

Zion National Park

Being halfway to the Grand Canyon in the distance not in scale,. Zion National Park is close enough to Las Vegas to get a full day hiking in, you can even spend a few miles hiking ankle deep in water. If you feel like manning up and taking on the challenge of these treks, come prepared and see if you can beat Zion.

Death Valley

It sounds so much better saying “I visited Death Valley and survived,” than adding “National Park.” On the end of your sentence. Again, it isn’t the closest place to Las Vegas yet if you can double up with a quick chopper ride or plane trip, it can knock offa couple of hours from your journey. It is a sight to behold, and it’s not very often you can visit the lowest place in America. That’s right, the lowest, nearly 300ft below sea level. Just take lots of drinking water as it’s also one of the hottest.

Valley of Fire

This is another state park that has such a cool name. It is also a little closer than many other places to Las Vegas, just 50 miles and you can be viewing otherworldly formations of rock outcrops that are some of the oldest known to man.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park Las Vegas, NV

Being only 15 or so miles outside of Vegas, this can be a great place to take the kids for some good clean, fresh air that has no sound of slot machines ringing in their ears. With plenty of space for picnics and various hiking trails to the old buildings in the area. It can make a beautiful, relaxing family day with a grill on the go.


These places vary from the close, to the not so close to Las Vegas, and they differ from the not so well known to the really well known. Yet all of them have something different to offer, and if you are in Las Vegas, each is easy to visit, and getting there is half the fun for you. Get out there and embrace the nature, you might be glad you did.


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