What Happens with My Windows in Las Vegas Rainy Season?

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Many homes and businesses have their windows cleaned on a regular basis. However, there can be new owners or tenants who wonder what happens in bad weather. Do you cancel the window washer, or do you carry on? These things lead to the question.

What happens to my windows in the Las Vegas rainy season?

Using Pure Water in Las Vegas Window Cleaning

Any reliable Las Vegas window cleaner will tell you that water doesn’t dirty windows. The dirty water makes the windows dirty. Rainwater, on the other hand, is clean, pure water with no added chemicals or minerals. Once you know, these things create stains.

All this means that when it starts raining, the rain will not make your windows look dirtier, but if you have stained windows at first and it rains, it will make your windows look dirtier.

Why Clean Water Makes Windows Dirtier?

When it rains on your windows, what happens to them if they’re dirty? The dirt on the windows gathers when they get wet.

When it gets wetter, the dirty water runs off the window. The result? Stains on the windows and streams of dirt on your glass. So what was the cause? It wasn’t the rain, but rather the dust, which was already on your windows.

It looks terrible since it literally binds together the pre-existing dirt and makes it all the more visible, and undesirable. Therefore, if it’s going to rain, when do you have to clean your windows.


Cleaning Las Vegas Windows Before the Rain Hits

Since window, dirt is the thing that makes a window look much dirtier before it rains, where is the apparent path of knowledge?

The best time to get hold of your local window cleaning company is before it rains! This may sound like madness, but actually, it’s true. When you clean them later, it is more difficult to clean the windows, and they will look worse until you wash them. So rather than waiting until the end of the rainy season, contact Window Cleaning Vegas instead, and make sure they are clean before any heavy rain hits. The good thing with this is, when it does rain, it will keep them looking sparkling clean because no dirt will be able to stick.