High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning requires special skill sets, not just being a professional window cleaner who knows all the best techniques, but this has to be done a great distance from the floor.

Window Cleaning Vegas believe no window is ever too high to be cleaned properly. We have crews who are true experts in the High Rise Window Cleaning industry and also in their craft.


Window Cleaning Vegas knows only too well the need for safety, when performing High Rise Window Cleaning, not just for the cleaning crews, but also anyone below and for the building itself. We ensure all safety guidelines are followed and the correct procedures are adhered to. Especially if the cleaning is being conducted by some of the methods of support rather than the mobile platforms.

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“Not all window cleaning companies do high rise window cleaning. After over a dozen or so calls, I found Window Cleaning Vegas. I wish I had called them sooner rather than, half a day later.”

H Hughes (Summerlin, NV)

Your High Rise Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Vegas offers a full range of services, regardless of the number of windows your building has, and this can cover both exterior and interior windows and glass surfaces. By using our complete services, you will save a lot of time and hassle, as there is no need for you to find multiple companies to meet your requirements.

Our expert staff goes about their business in a way that causes the least amount of disruption to your business and to your employees. We also understand the importance of using eco-friendly chemicals which not only protect the environment, they pose no risk to your building structure or your employees health.

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Our Service

For High Rise Window Cleaning, we also offer additional services which can include:

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Our Commitment

Window Cleaning Vegas aims to provide services which exceed your expectations and are backed up by our own personal guarantee. We work very closely with all of our customers so we can come to understand both your expectations and the requirements of your building. This ensures we can give you total satisfaction from start to end.

Window Cleaning Vegas do more than just High Rise Window Cleaning, we build strong working relationships. Word of mouth and referrals has always been a core part of our ability to grow as a company and become a main High Rise Window Cleaning company within the region. At the center of all of our operations, is our clients, and we strive to offer you continual customer satisfaction.


Window Cleaning Vegas is dedicated to providing the ultimate High Rise Window Cleaning service you could experience, and have experts on hand who are more than happy to hear from you regarding any queries you have, or if you wish to obtain a FREE estimate, or schedule any High Rise Window Cleaning.

You can simply contact us by our online form, (link to contact form) or directly on 123-456-789 to speak to our experts regarding any of our window cleaning services or window cleaning service plans.