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Away from all the hustle and bustle, the sounds of falling coins from the slots there is a place, a world-classvenue for the performing arts. The Smith Center.

It was built with a vision, and what a vision it was The Smith Center is a group of building’s dedicated to uniting the Las Vegas community and being able to stage world-class performances. The Smith Center will hold Broadway shows, world-classconcerts, and all the while supporting and encouraging homegrown talent and local artists.

The center has been brought to realization through public and private funding. It now stands proudly in the city of Las Vegas that provided so much for the dream to finally take shape. While it took just under three years to construct, it has now had its door open for the last five years.


Exploring the Las Vegas Smith Center

There are many parts that you can see while touring around the Smith Center and each one a joy to behold from the scale and the craftsmanship that has gone into every single detail.

One of the most striking is the Carillion Tower, a 17 story Bell tower that is home to 47 bronze bells that have been painstakingly handcrafted from cast bronze. These can be heard throughout the day signaling the placement of the Smith Center.


Symphony Park is two acres which were donated by the City of Las Vegas and is home to the display of the local artist Tim Bavington and his creations. “Fanfare for the Common Man” is his contribution to the public art installation and is a highly colorful interpretation of the famous song of the same name

The whole 2-acre area is used for festivals, outdoor performances, and special events. It is a real mecca to art and concert-goersalike

The BomanPavillion houses two venues that can host performances, from Cabaret Jazz to the Troesh Studio Theater with one entire floor above them dedicated to education and outreach.

Grand Lobby

If you stroll through the grand lobby, you’ll see the impact that the local red rock plays in the construction. In parts the rock contains speckles that glimmer, and certified as real gold, they show the beauty and value of the natural materials from which it has been made.

The wonders go on and on, and each hall or venue comprising of the very best in construction and for performance. No details have been omitted, and the inclusions of many artworks blend seamlessly with the Smith Centers design.

If you venture to the Smith Center for a performance, you can grab a bite during the interval at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz where there is a full host of light bites and beverages on offer. There is also a 250 seat Jazz Club that showcases some of the world’s finest jazz musicians and cabaret entertainers.

If you fancy a tour rather than attending one of the many shows, you can have a free guided tour from one of the knowledgeable guides. Check availability from the Smith Centre website, and you have found the ideal place to relax and admire what can be done when like minded individuals collaborate together.

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