Why Do Las Vegas Windows Get So Dirty?

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Dirty windows will make your home or business appear less appealing. They detract from the building’s appearance and can even make the outside landscape look less attractive. There are countless reasons, but to be sure, you understand how to keep windows clean, it is better to know, why do Las Vegas windows get so dirty?

Here are some of the top ways your windows get dirty.

Hand Prints and Pets Make Dirty Windows

Have you ever taken your pets or your children for a ride in a clean car? After you’re done, you probably have spots on your windows. What many businesses and homeowners forget is that windows have two sides. The same thing will happen at home or work as it does in your car.

Pets put their noses and paws on the windows, as well as hair that can accumulate. Children or employees may leave handprints on the inside of the windows.

Even when a reliable Las Vegas window cleaner does the outside work, you may find that they still look dirty because of the inside.

Las Vegas Environment Pollution

Contamination is one of the main ways windows get dirty. When the dirt is in the air or the water, it can easily reach your windows. Exhaust fumes, smoke, pollens and many other air pollutants can cause dirt to get on the windows.

Water pollution is different, but garden hose spray can make windows dirty. When water gets on the windows and dries out, it makes them look worse because of the contaminants and minerals found in tap water.

Grease Splatters, Steam and Cleaning Solutions

When you cook in your kitchen, grease and steam can build up on the windows. This will make them dirty from the inside and is very difficult to avoid.

Another area that can leave you with dirty windows is the use of the wrong cleaning solution. If you try to clean your windows yourself, especially with steam and grease, you can make a real mess of the glass.

Although you need to know what the right cleaning solution is, it is best to get the help of your local Las Vegas window cleaning company to get the job done right the first time.

Using the Best Las Vegas Window Cleaning Firm

Many window-cleaning companies will tackle residential window cleaning, and when anything else comes along, they may not want to take the job.

To be sure, you have the right firm who can tend to interior windows, hi-rise windows, or those tricky windows in a commercial kitchen. It is advisable to contact Window Cleaning Vegas and make sure your windows are as clean as possible, inside and out.