Why Keep Your Las Vegas Solar Panel Clean?

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Are you currently facing this important question as to why you need to keep your Las Vega solar panels clean? We are here to help answer the question. Firstly, it is vital to keep them clean and have them checked on a regular basis. The biggest reason is it helps to provide your home or business with power. However, there are other reasons as well that we will look at here.

Why do you need to clean solar panels?

You may think that the solar panel does not get as dirty as your windows, you are wrong. The solar panels exposed to different external influences that can make them dirty. Whether you live in the desert or on the coast, the solar panels exposed to road grime, dust, bird droppings, salt spray, and more. The PV system works at its best when unobstructed as it helps to access the UV rays all day. A small residue forming in the photovoltaic system can affect its performance. While large obstructions have, a big impact and can prevent it from working at all. Furthermore, when you have it cleaned by a professional solar panel service they inspect it for cracks or the racking can become loose.

Solar Panels Are More Productive When Clean

You may think that the rain will keep the solar panel on the roof clean – wrong. The truth is that dust builds up even when it rains. Take your vehicle as an example – how many times have you left your car standing in the rain with dust on it? Many times and what happens? The water runs over the windscreen and once it dries, it leaves streaks of grime over it making it impossible for you to see. The same applies to the solar panel and the more dirt it has on it, the fewer lights absorbed by the panel.

How Often Should You Have the Solar Panel Cleaned?

The best answer we can give you is to have it checked by a professional and cleaned every six months. By having them washed regularly, it prevents residue buildup and leaves it working at all time. This leads to fewer energy costs and your investment works for you. At the same time, the company can check for cracks and know how to clean them properly. A fact is that you cannot put pressure on the solar panel by stepping on them.

Why is it Beneficial to Have Them Cleaned by a Professional?

Having the solar panels cleaned by a specialist is important, as you cannot wash them with tap water and chemicals. The reason for this is that water leaves residue behind and accumulates over time. Here at Window Cleaning Vegas, we use a de-ionized water system to give it a sparkling finish. For homeowners and businesses, it is not worthwhile spending their money on these systems and is costly.

Having the panels cleaned is more cost-effective in the end. Furthermore, we can check important aspects related to the performance of the system. We do safety checks, look for hotspots, cracks, nests, and look for rodents. Detecting issues help to prevent fatal accidents from happening such as fires and make sure the system working as needed.

So before, you head out on to the roof to check and clean the solar panels without knowing what to look out for – give us a call today for your free solar panel cleaning estimate.