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There is a multitude of cleaning operations a window cleaner has to perform as part of their services. Much of this depends on which sort of property they are working on.


This can include either residential or commercial properties. For well over 20 years Window Cleaning Vegas has been the best-kept secret to make your windows shine. We employ the best window cleaners Las Vegas has seen and who bring with them the best in techniques no matter what type of windows they are asked to clean.


Our Sparkling Clean Residential Window Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have a one story, two stories or higher residential home. Our skilled and professional window cleaning technicians will clean windows at any height or location around your house.


It doesn’t matter when you need us as we are well suited for same day service to cover any circumstance that might require immediate action. All of our residential rates are highly affordable,andour window cleaners never cut corners to make the job easier or quicker.


We offer the best residential window cleaning rates in Las Vegas as we know our service to you is the best you can get from the moment you make contact.


As we are one of the most highly regarded window cleaning companies in Vegas. Our reputation has been built off the back of the number one service we provide to all homeowners who have used us over the years for any number of residential window cleaning services we provide.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Business window cleaning is nowhere near like residential. Window Cleaning Las Vegas gives the same attention to detail in every cleaning job our skilled window cleaners perform.


From the top of the highest hotel and casino to a single lever store. Each pane of glass is cleaned with the same care and respect for your commercial premises.


Commercial Window Cleaning Areas Covered


No commercial window cleaning job is too big or too small. Our window cleaning crews are skilled in working safely at any height and can cover any other following areas:


  • Government Buildings
  • High Rise Buildings (Hotel/ Casino)
  • Shopping Malls and Store Fronts
  • Office Buildings


These areas can vary quite significantly and require many window cleaning skills to clean them all as good as each other. Storefront windows are much easier to clean than fifth-floor office windows as there is less of a danger element or safety precautions which need to be taken for passersby. Window Cleaning Las Vegas is fully aware of employee safety when we perform commercial cleaning of any description. Half being the surrounding areas and the other part the cleaning chemicals we use to make sure no surfaces are damaged,or there are no lasting effects to your employees or customers.


One simple call is all you need to make sure your windows are cleaned as best as they can be, solar panels can perform the most efficientlyand any screens you have can be cleaned, repaired and replaced as if they are brand new. Window Cleaning Las Vegas is here to serve you, and serve you well we do.